Cake Roll

Cake RollTypical of the state of Pernambuco, cake roll is a Brazilian Cakecake that fames its origin in the adaptation of Portuguese cake “bride’s mattress”, a type of sponge cake rolled with a filling of nuts. Upon it’s arrival in Brazil, given the abundance of fruit in the Northeast, the Portuguese cooks began exchanging the filling with guava cooked with sugar, and sugar being abundant was made in the factories of the region. Even though I was not born in the land of cake but in Bahia, I always liked guava jam and decided to develop my own cake.

It is not a complex recipe, however the secret is in the screed thickness and sensitivity of the filling. As I am passionate about cooking, I made several tests and finally managed to develop the thickness and the ideal amount of filling.

In addition to the original guava flavor, I have created other versions with dulce de leche and brigadeiro. Thanks to the imagination of my dear brother Mota Pereira, whom by the way I consider a great chef de cuisine, developed my favorite flavor: Romeo and Juliet, a mixture of the delicious flavor of the original cake roll with a touch of cheese.

Chef Carmem